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Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)

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The Barista Baba Coffee Capsule Machine provides a compact and convenient solution for a delicious and easy brew at home or the office. Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Capsules, our coffee capsule machine features two coffee functions—a single espresso or a lungo coffee. Each machine comes with two Coffee Variety Packs, so you can experience all eight of our Australian-roasted coffee flavours. Experience the perfect cup every time with ease.

  • Includes 2 x Coffee Variety Packs
  • Make a single espresso or lungo coffee
  • Large water tank - 700ml capacity
  • Quick Action - makes a perfect espresso in under 60 seconds
  • Easy to use - press a button, and you're ready to go
  • Large used capsule drawer - fits up to 15 used capsules
  • Customisable Programming - easily change the amount of coffee poured for each function so it meets your needs

Easy To Clean

  • Run a lungo cycle without a capsule to clean the inside
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the outside


Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)
Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)
Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)
Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)
Capsule Coffee Machine (Nespresso Compatible)

Machine Features

1 | Easy Lift Up Lid

2 | Single Espresso & Lungo Buttons

3 | Used Capsule Container (holds up to 15)

4 | Detachable Height Adjuster

5 | 700ml Water Tank

Compact and Small

Easily fits in anywhere at home or at the office

Single Espresso Shot & Lungo Coffee

Whether you like the classic single espresso shot or a longer coffee with a bit more water, we've got you covered.

Plus it's easily customisable to adjust the pour size to fit your needs!

Quick Action with a Large Water Tank

Simply place the capsule in and press your desired coffee to have a cup of deliciousness in under 60 seconds!

With the 700ml water tank, be at ease without the need to frequenrtly remove and refill the water tank.

Large Used Capsule Drawer

Done with your coffee? Simply lift the lid and let the capsule fall down into the used capsule drawer. With a capacity to fit up to 15 used capsules, you wont need to waste time often to empty out and clean the used capsule drawer.

Comes with 2 Variety Packs...